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RIVER EXPLORERS is a full-service adventure travel company that specializes in trekking, biking and white water rafting, and organizes adventure and travel packages around Peru. We are located in Cusco, the old Inca City, which is close to Machu Picchu and the great Apurimac Canyon. We are dedicated to providing high-quality outdoor experiences for all individuals, groups and teams.

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Adventure travel as an industry is becoming increasingly prominent in South America, and Peru is one of the best destinations to explore spectacular archaeological sites and experience our cultural traditions, history and landscape through RIVER EXPLORERS’ environmentally aware adventure trips.

I am Boris Rojas, and my company RIVER EXPLORERS

  • Is not a big travel company that has dozens of agents ready to give you a packaged trip run by others;  
  • Operates our own programs with highly experienced local field staff; 
  • Has a small number of friendly, experienced and educated staff who are real-life explorers; 
  • Is dedicated to providing you with memories of a holidays journey you won’t easily forget;
  • Has a reputation for safety, service and fun; 
  • Will educate you on the natural wonders of Peru; and Provides adventures suitable for all fitness levels.

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RIVER EXPLORERS is certified by the Peruvian Tourism department and the City Council of Cusco, which are the only institutions that authorize travel companies in Peru.